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creating events, camps and sports academies through your own business.

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Hey! but this business isn't for everyone.

We are seeking the best
  • If you are willing to be your own boss ...
  • If you like challenges...
  • If you feel passionate about sports...
  • If you are not afraid of selling...
  • If you want to decide when and how doing your job...

...this business is for you. If you do not identify yourself with all of these concerns, we will seem a bit stupid, but you better not keep reading 馃檪

diego-riecardo-gretel-belen recorte
Diego, Gretel, Bel茅n and Ricardo, franchisees of Uruguay and Spain

We know how you feel...

You would like to have your own business and live from your passion.
You are tired of listening to your boss and putting up with unnecessary pressures.
You don't have time for yourself and your family.
You have been willing to take the first step but you don't know how to begin.
You think it's time to start working for you and do not depend on a payroll.
Let's take action! 馃挭


Rub茅n antes de sm
Rub茅n Abad, Southern Madrid franchisee

before discovering Sportmadness

carlos power
Carlos Matemales - Baleares, Spain

Take the step and become a professional sports manager, meet your customers, give them a quality product and use tools to be more efficient.

You will know who your customers are, what they need, how to find them and bring real value to create a stable, professional and durable business. The best of this? To be able to carry it out in an exciting and worldwide growing sector, such as sports. 馃憣

Emprendedora deportivo Arantxa Blanco de Sportmadness

Mi life have changed. Now, I manage my own time.

芦Sportmadness has helped me in transforming my passion, sports, into my business. From the beginning, the whole team has turned to support me and guide me in everything I needed. It would have been impossible to achieve what I have done without their support.禄

Arantxa Blanco - Sportmadness Navarra and La Rioja

"Best Franchise 2019" Award






Sports services in 2019

What does Sportmadness give to me?

We help you to become an entrepreneur, creating and starting your own sports management business.


Weekly follow-up, Daily support

You will have a weekly follow-up to ensure that you are doing things right. You will know who to sell and when, as well as prioritizing all the opportunities to make the most of your business.


A leading brand at your disposal

From the first second you will be part of the Sportmadness family, leveraging our powerful brand and online positioning. You will make your customers recognize you and come to you.


"How to do things" guides

We do not need you to be an expert in sports management. We will transfer the necessary knowledge so that you know step by step all the services and how to manage your business.


A community to learn from

You are not the first or the last. Everything we do is shared, which means you can copy the best practices of the entire Sportmadness network and apply them in your area.

Diego Perrone Delegaci贸n Montevideo

e-Learing Platform

Learning has its own process. We give it to you on an online platform so you can consult and learn everything you need to improve your business. Better than any Master.


Technology to manage your business

All the tools you need to make your life easier. Your support for commercial project management, the billing of your services in your currency and the ability to sell services online.

Not enough?

Well... there's more!

Team events with all franchises, business generation in several channels, continuous creation of best practices, interconnected competitions on which you will take part, global marketing campaigns.

How much opening my franchise is

The franchise has an initial cost and a monthly subscription that varies according to your country of origin.

Latin America

12.000鈧 one only payment
  • 400鈧 Monthly Fee

European Union, U.K., U.S.A. and Canada

16.000鈧 one only payment
  • 600鈧 Franchise Fee

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Change your life

Learn about the story of Rub茅n Abad, our franchisee in Southern Madrid and how he changed his life with Sportmadness to start living his passion, sports.

We want to help you fulfill your dream of living your passion, sports. We have done it with Rub茅n and with many other entrepreneurs worldwide. Are you down for this adventure?

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