Do you want to make a living through sports?

At Sportmadness we help sport lovers to create and grow their own sport management company to organize the best events, campuses and academies.

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Emprendedora deportivo Arantxa Blanco de Sportmadness

Mi life has changed. Now, I manage my own time.

«Sportmadness has helped me in transforming my passion, sports, into my business. From the beginning, the whole team has turned to support me and guide me in everything I needed. It would have been impossible to achieve what I have done without their support.»

Arantxa Blanco - Sportmadness Navarra and La Rioja

"Best Franchise 2019"

You will not find here magic tricks. There are no formulas that allow you to live for the rest of your life with little dedication.

This is a business model for people who are willing to work, dedicate time to their business, manage with quality and earn every success.

Have you considered running your own business?
Do you know what that implies?


We want to be clear.
There are many people who live completely from this business, but we can assure that this is not because they have been lucky.


You will be your own boss,
You will organize your schedules,
You will live from your passion,
That’s true, but not possible without working hard.


We have everything prepared so that your business is completely guided.
There is a team of people making every possible effort to successfully launch each of the franchises and of course they will demand the same from you.

The objective is "simple", to build a stable and profitable business for you, as soon as possible.
That is what makes our business work, too.
It is that simple.


We could tell you many stories of people who have changed their lives by opening a sports business with Sportmadness, but if there is one that reflects this change well. Is the case of Rubén Abad, our franchisee from Madrid Sur in Spain.

Let me show you the video of his story.

If you want to live from sports, create your own income routes and not depend on a payroll, this business may fit with you, confirm the download of the guide to start and learn more about us.

What does Sportmadness give me?


We help you anytime

We know how hard it is to get started. The whole team and the community of Sportmadness will accompany you from the first moment. We will give you commercial and marketing advice to help you generate more sales. We will also support you in the execution of your services to guarantee the quality of the services offered. We do all this in online follow-up sessions. No limits and forever.

All the knowledge you need

We don't need you to be an expert in sports management. Sportmadness will give you step-by-step instructions on how to sell and organize many different sports services. You will have step-by-step guides on how to run the best events, campuses and academies. You will also have access to business management training courses that will help you to improve every day as an entrepreneur.

ruben y maria

A brand, a team, a community

We insist. You're not alone. Sportmadness consists of a central team and a network of entrepreneurs who support each other. Together we build the world's leading sports services brand. You will have at your disposal all the resources both online and offline of a brand that is cared for and worked on in every detail. Our community is growing and generating new services that you can also offer to your customers.


The best technology, at your disposal

At Sportmadness we are convinced that the use of tech tools makes us more productive and better. That's why we have our own software development team that generates all the functionalities you need to manage your business and connect with your client. All of this in a single tool, Sportmadness Manager, designed for you to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency, making you save time and money.


What is the price to start with Sportmadness?

500 € / month
  • Setup from 12.000 €
  • The subscription includes:
    ✔️ Use of the Sportmadness brand
    ✔️ Corporate paperwork
    ✔️ Editable dossiers and posters
    ✔️ Country website
    ✔️ SEO positioning
    ✔️ Corporate social networks; Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
    ✔️ Sportmadness Manager tool:
    - Sales manager
    - Project manager
    - Registration platform
    - App for sports schools and campuses
    - Online learning platform
    - Billing module
    ✔️ Training in email marketing tools
    ✔️ Initial and continuous training in sports management and business management
    ✔️ Training in sales by campaigns
    ✔️ Action plan
    ✔️ Continuous monitoring and support
    ✔️ Monthly online meeting with the whole network
    ✔️ Access to best practices of the network
    ✔️ Annual Kick Off in Madrid (Spain)
    ✔️ Internal newsletter
    ✔️ Agreements and partners

Why is it so affordable?

Because your success is our success and for you to achieve it we need your profitability to be as high as possible. That means offering you a lot of value at a low cost. Although the barriers to entry are super low, we need our delegates to be people who are solvent and can afford to invest in your business. We don't want you to have to go into debt to start your business. And if you do, keep it to a minimum.

Sportmadness' strategy is to look to the future, to quickly but firmly build a powerful network of top quality sports managers who can, at a local and regional level, take advantage of all the assets created. The value of a network that builds business and shares success promises far greater rewards than undermining the economy of early stage entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurs who already live from this business

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