Sportmadness, your brand.

A powerful, market-leading brand to become a reference in amateur sports management.

Web Sportmadness

1. Website

A professional website for each country, adapted to mobile devices and that helps us to generate business.

2. Corporate Image

It has a whole pack and detailed instructions on how to use the full potential of the Sportmadness brand.

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3. Online positioning

We work to be the leaders of the sector in each country through the development of content and SEO positioning.

4. Social Networks

We have Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube profiles that are updated and enhanced from the Central.

5. Recruitment campaigns

We help you manage online campaigns that help you attract customers for your services.

6. Merchandising and editable material

You have at your disposal dozens of editable materials (flyers, dossiers...) for your sales and marketing campaigns.

Continuing Marketing Training

We train you to become an expert in digital sports marketing.

Sports Sponsorship

You will master the different types of sponsorship for each sports service. In addition, you will learn how to prepare personalized sponsorship proposals for companies, as well as collaboration proposals for sports products already created.

LinkedIn expert

You will learn the basic concepts to position yourself on the social network as a sports management professional and improve your visibility. In addition, we will give you the best tricks to capture commercial opportunities and contact directly with clubs, center directors, public sector...

Email Marketing

You will create and launch your own email marketing campaigns autonomously, being able to measure the interest of your potential customers. You will also have a multitude of templates to communicate with your users.

Brand Management

You will have all the steps to follow in order to build a powerful Sportmadness delegation with all its brand elements: necessary graphic material, textiles for your employees and users, powerful posters adapted to your services...

Sports entrepreneur Javier Chazarra

"t's like in my franchise I have a team of three people constantly supporting me in marketing. Between the intensive training, the technological tools and the editable resources that Sportmadness gives me, I have everything I need to attract clients and make myself known in my area".

Javier Chazarra - Sportmadness Alicante