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A few weeks ago the Sportmadness team met because we needed to find a phrase that described effectively what it is we do. Something in which we would be represented. We needed to find the “Just do it" from Nike or the "It gives you wings" from Red Bull. We did not take three months nor did we do it through a prestigious agency. Fortunately we are very clear with where we are going and what we want to do - offer a life change. Now we love the result; #ChangeTheGame.

The game, in addition to being a sports concept that we all understand, allows us to find a similarity with other more aspirational aspects. The game can be the status quo of a certain industry (in our case amateur sport) or it can be the game of your life, which you decide how to face and where you establish the rules; Therefore you can change it!

On an ongoing basis we are approached by people interested in changing their career (Many thanks to everyone!). They want to put aside their current day to day life and start livingtheir passion - sport. We are very excited that every day more and more people trust us to launch and grow their sports management company. We see that it is happening on a global level and that it responds to the social changes we are experiencing.

However, we have to be cautious. A life change such as this is always complex. Moving from the security of a job as an employee to the madness of entrepreneurship is always difficult, and is not for everyone. Therefore, at Sportmadness we always emphasize the risks involved in undertaking this, and ask our candidates to be aware of them.

Beyond this first part, as is obvious, changing job implies a life change. It can allow you to recover the enthusiasm for what you do in your day-to-day. We can't live waiting for the weekend to come; You have to enjoy every day. An important step to achieving this is that your occupation is your passion. So, if your passion is sport, we can help you to have your own business within this sector.

This change of life has made us recover our enthusiasm

"Opening our own sports business with Sportmadness has allowed us to dedicate ourselves to 100% to our passion and spend much more time with our family, which is really important.

The first months are a whole world, but as you organize and adapt to this new life, you begin to enjoy change."

Rubén and Mª Luisa - Sportmadness Madrid South

2019 Franchise Revelation Nominees

Rubén Abad y María Luisa

Of course, we would like to insist that this sports business opportunities are not a path of roses. Not by a long shot. The amateur sports sector is hard and remains very unprofessional. Hence the opportunity to change the rules of the game and bring real value to customers (they are looking forward to it!) by offering them the best sports experiences.

If you are interested in being a #GameChanger and joining us in this sport business oportunity, do not hesitate to ask us, meet others who have already made the leap before you and investigate us and the amateur sports sector. The challenge is exciting. We cannot guarantee that this life change and opening your Sportmadness franchise will bring you success, but we will do everything possible and give you the best tools to get it.