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Sportmadness was born with the vision of becoming the world's leading brand in sports services and every day we are closer to meeting it. We achieve this thanks to our model, which allows us to have the best talent in every part of the world. Our delegates use the full potential of brand, tools and knowledge to deliver the best services and delight their customers.

We are proud to be able to change the lives of many people who want to start a sport business, to offer them a path to their freedom and to fulfil their dreams of dedicating themselves to their passion, sport. We are committed to providing the best quality to our end customers and for this we do not stop innovating in what we do and how we do it.

It's as big a challenge as it is exciting. Will you start a sport business with us?

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Sports services in 2019

A team at your disposal

The Sportmadness Central team works hand-in-hand with their delegations to ensure the success of their projects. Imagine how far you can go by working with a team like that.

Alejandro García

CEO & Founder

Leticia Escanciano


Adrián Naranjo

Software developer

José Miguel Alarcón


Guillermo Cantero

Product Manager

Guillermo Vázquez

Product Manager

A network that doesn't stop growing

Our community of sports managers never stops growing around the world. You will be able to learn from dozens of sports managers and replicate their success.

What do entrepreneurs value most? What are the keys to business? Below you can see several videos of entrepreneurs like you who have already taken the step and opened their businesses with Sportmadness.

A team of committed people, leaders in each of their areas and with a shared passion; offering the best sports experiences.

Are you joining us?

The Network of Sportmadness, the #Gamechangers

We were clear that our destiny was to open a business


«After finishing our Master's studies, we knew that we wanted to take the step of undertaking. Months after opening the first delegation of Sportmadness, we can say that we feel very fortunate to be able to make living from what we love»


Beñat and Aratz - Sportmadness Guipúzcoa and Álava

Prize "Best Franchise 2018"

Beñat sports business
Emprendedor deportivo Beñat

Beñat L.

Emprendedor deportivo Javier

Javier C.

Grétel Burguet

Grétel B.

Carlos Matemales

Carlos M.

Emprendedor deportivo Eduard Benlliure

Eduard B.

Barcelona Centro
Emprendedor deportivo Mónica Perarnau

Mónica P.

Barcelona Oeste
Emprendedor deportivo Guillermo Pedrajo

Guillermo P.

Emprendedor deportivo Pedro Barbé

Pedro B.

Granada y Jaén
Emprendedor deportivo Aratz

Aratz I.


David A.

Las Palmas

Rodrigo F.

Ricardo Melón

Ricardo M.

Diego Titinger

Diego T.

Emprendedor deportivo Carlos Solis

Carlos S.

Madrid Big 6
Emprendedor deportivo Alonso Moya

Alonso M.

Madrid East
Emprendedor deportivo David Arroyo

David A.

Madrid Northwest
Emprendedor deportivo María Luisa

Mª Luisa D.

Madrid South
Emprendedora deportivo Arantxa

Arantxa B.

Navarra and La Rioja
Emprendedor deportivo Eduardo Lopez

Eduardo L.

Diego Perrone

Diego P.

Emprendedor deportivo Andrés Calderón

Andrés C.

Emprendedor deportivo David Liz

David L.


Asier G.

Sports entrepreneur Javier Chazarra

Javier Chazarra - Alicante

"Nobody gives anything, we have to go out and give everything, but with the tools we have we are ten times more productive, the customer experience is better and we gain a lot of time, something that was very important to me"

Sportmadness Sports entrepreneur David Arroyo

David Arroyo - Madrid

"After several experiences both inside and outside Spain, I knew I wanted to have my own sports business. Sportmadness is ready to propel any entrepreneur who wants to lead their lives"

Sports entrepreneur Andrés Calderón

Andrés Calderón - Seville

"I have completely changed my life. It's scary, but knowing you have a team behind you and a lot of experience, the decision is less difficult. A year later I wonder why I didn't do it before"

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