What investment do I have to make?

A low cost and high profitability model

At Sportmadness we have designed a model so that you have a very low cost structure so you can obtain the highest profitability. With an initial fee payment and a low monthly fee, you will have all the necessary infrastructure to start up and grow your business.

500 € / month
  • € 15,000 Setup
  • Subscription includes:
    ✔️ Use of the Sportmadness brand
    ✔️ Identity corporate desings
    ✔️ Editable dossiers and posters
    ✔️ Country website
    ✔️ SEO positioning
    ✔️ Corporate social networks; Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.
    ✔️ Technological tools:
    - Commercial manager
    - Project manager
    - Tickets sale Platform
    - Training module
    - Mobile application to connect with your clients
    - Billing module
    - Internal chat to communicate with the entire Community
    ✔️ Initial training
    ✔️Training in sports management and business management
    ✔️ Access to campaigns of marketing and sales
    ✔️ Quarterly action plan
    ✔️ Continuous monitoring and support by the central
    ✔️ Group sessions with members of the Community
    ✔️ Access to best practices of the Community
    ✔️ Annual Kick Off in Madrid (Spain)

Why is it so affordable?

Because your success is our success and for you to achieve it we need your profitability to be as high as possible. That means offering you a lot of value at a low cost. Although the barriers to entry are super low, we need our delegates to be people who are solvent and can afford to invest in your business. We don't want you to have to go into debt to start your business. And if you do, keep it to a minimum.

Sportmadness' strategy is to look to the future, to quickly but firmly build a powerful Community of top quality sports managers who can, at a local and regional level, take advantage of all the assets created. The value of a Community that builds business and shares success promises far greater rewards than undermining the economy of early stage entrepreneurs.

Xavier y Cristina
Emprendedor deportivo Javier Chazarra

"Starting a business is always difficult and any investment is important. The challenge was to recover it as soon as possible and I have achieved this in less than a year and a half. In any case, Sportmadness is a long-term project in which the best return is getting to live from my passion, sport" 

Javier Chazarra - Sportmadness Alicante

what return can I expect?

The million dollar question. As you can imagine, both the return on investment and starting to have monthly benefits depends largely on you.

In the Sportmadness Community we have had cases of all kinds. There are franchisees who have recovered their investment after 6 months, and from there they have been able to live off the business, and there are also cases that have exceeded 18 months to recover the initial fee.

In any case, the average ranges between 12 and 18 months to recover the initial investment. The team supports you every day to get you to do it in record time.

Mejor franquicia Sportmadness 2019

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