All the knowledge at your disposal

You will learn how to sell and execute all the services in the portfolio, which is divided into events, campuses and sports academies.

  • Detailed description of how to perform, step by step, dozens of sports services through Sportmadness Manager.
  • Database of success stories of projects carried out on the Sportmadness network.
  • Dozens of examples of economic valuations for you to control the profitability of your projects.
  • Continuous support in the sale and execution of each of your services.
  • Constant development of new services and work methodologies so that you can surprise your clients.

What are you going to sell?

Our three lines of business allow you to have a wide and deep portfolio of sports services.

Academia de tecnificación


The service that allows you to have recurring income. From tennis schools, football, paddle or any sport; to the management of directed activities. You can offer them to a client or launch your own academies.

Evento Carrera Patinaje


Races, football tournaments, corporate events... You can organize any kind of sports event. Municipalities and companies are usually the most common customers, but you can also organize your own events, aimed at the end user.

Campus Chini Pizarro


From a campus of a professional footballer to a camp for a municipality... The technification and multisport campuses are a perfect alternative for holiday periods, giving continuity to the sports schools.

Who are you selling to?

Different clients, lots of opportunities.


Companies and






Educational centres

and universities





Clubs and






NGO's and




and resorts

Resources adapted to each service

Practical trainings that will help you to internalize the necessary knowledge for your day to day

Audiovisual material

Each success story has its own audio-visual resources, which will serve as a confidence builder when meeting with potential customers. Remember, all the success achieved by the Sportmadness community is also yours.

Task checklist

You will know all the tasks to be done from the beginning to the end of the service.

We are very demanding with the quality standards and this resource will help you not to leave aside any small detail that could affect the user experience

Financial forecast templates

Each service has different revenue models and expense items. You will have at your disposal templates adapted to each service and automated, in order to have a clear idea of the profitability of each project you want to execute.

Other adapted resources

In addition, each service will have a number of special resources. Tournaments have automated tables and rankings, events have a standard sponsorship dossier, campuses and schools have standard contracts for the transfer of facilities...

Whenever we identify a necessary resource, we try to adapt it so that you can access it in an easy and didactic way.

Operational implementation guide

The perfect complement to the task checklist to run the service perfectly. In these guides, we detail step by step how to organize the service, how to run it and how to close the project correctly.

If you have never organized or managed any of our sports services, these guides will be your best support to start with reliability and security.

almeida solo

"We have a wide portfolio of services that allows us to enhance those that can work best in each territory. In my case, I chose to prioritize sports events. For each project I rely on the tools and knowledge they contain to ensure the best experience for my customers"

David Almeida - Sportmadness Las Palmas