Sport entrepreneurship

How to set up your sport business from scratch?

Starting a sport management company is not difficultbut if you don’t get things straight from the beginning, you will lose a lot of money along the way. In this article we explain the keys to the success of Sportmandess franchises for those people who are thinking of starting a company in the amateur sports sector. 

Nowadays, Sportmadness has

32 business in 4 countries

and offer hundreds of sports management services every year

and dozens of news in the media

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The entrepreneurship join the brand by seeking ongoing support to launch their business.


In 2017 the first franchise of sports

entrepreneurship was born

A clear aim: to help entrepreneurship to launch their sport business anywhere in the world.

  • People who want to live from sport.
  • Sportsmen who want to get involve in sport but do not know how to manage it.
  • Sports management students, INEF o TAFAD who want to launch their own business.

Video about all the franchisees at Kick Off 2019


The model of sport entrepreneurship was born

in a blooming market

which has not stopped growing in the last 20 years.

hombre frente a un ordenador planificando su gestion deportiva
  • Amateur sport is 99% of the sport industry

  • There are not leading brands in the sector

  • Low technology penetration

  • There are not professional management proposals at the amateur level

  • A global society that is increasingly sporty

  • Ability to make services profitable beyond sponsors

  • Possibility of creating connected circuits and global competitions


build their business

with 3 revenue lines

with thousands of possibilities

Academia de tecnificación


Evento Carrera Patinaje


Campus Chini Pizarro


Sports entrepreneurship collaborate witch each other to create

community and the central supports you constantly

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Collective sports sessions so that you can copy what other colleagues are doing.

Kick Off de Sportmadness

The annual franchise event that Sportmandess holds every year at the beginning of the season

Emprendedor Eduard Benlliure

Individual follow-up to know the progress of your business and support you.

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Initial and ongoing training to know every new aspects of your business

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