The basilisk and its abilities to survive in VUCA environments

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For a long time animals have been used to tell us stories with great learning behind it. It is something that works because the characteristics or abilities of the animals can become totally different.

Are you familiar with the story of the hare and the tortoise, right? Perseverance and work in contrast to innate and effortless skills. Well, that's what it's all about.

It turns out that the hedgehog is the new hare, and the tortoise has now become a tiny lizard of the Basilisk species.

The lizard and the hedgehog have been walking together for years in search of food. On their way, they have had to endure thousands of threats, they have been attacked by birds, they have been attacked by snakes, then the rain came and even the hail.

The hedgehog, which is ten times the size of the lizard, cannot hesitate every time these situations occur. The hedgehog has a clear strategy, it balls up, spikes and waits for the threat to end. When it's all over, he moves on. The lizard, otherwise, has been forced to learn to climb trees, to camouflage itself in the environment and has even learned which are the best plants to shelter from the rain.

One day, something surprising happened, without knowing very well why, the heat of the asphalt began to increase, to such an extent that its legs were burned. The lizard, thanks to its agility, was able to walk fast without getting burnt. The hedgehog began to run but it was inevitable that with every step it took, the pain became more unbearable.

When it seemed that the hedgehog was going to give up, the lizard warned him that the river was near, the lizard, without much difficulty managed to reach the shore and there it waited for the hedgehog. The hedgehog, even sore,  managed to put its legs in water and calm its pain.

When both of them looked up, they realized that the river cut perpendicularly its way to the food, the distance to the other bank was only 50 meters but going around it could take months.

- So now what? asked the hedgehog.

+ Let's go through!

And as if it were a battle cry, the Basilisk lizard began to walk on the water with the agility that characterized it.

It was then that the hedgehog realized that its problem was not external threats, but that its own environment was changing.

It had been the burning asphalt and then the river that made the hedgehog see that the only certainties he had were gone. All its protective tools, its bulky structure was now its greatest obstacle. On the other hand, the lizard, which by its nature remained agile, had learned to survive in a constant state of uncertainty, had developed skills as important as learning to walk on water.



That is exactly what is happening right now on the planet, within the corporate world. Attacks by competitors like the birds, taxes or fiscal duties like rain or the hail don't even matter that much anymore, we are talking about survival!

Now is the time for "light assets" companies with low cost structures that allow them to be flexible and work like an accordion to cover the structure of specific projects.

The VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) environment is the new norm, companies must be agile, like the basilisk and learn that certainties will be momentary but that environments change and we must be prepared.

We could give you many tips on how to face this new reality from what we see every day in Sportmadness but let's simplify to give you the two simplest and most interesting ones.

Constant training. Don't take anything for granted, environments change, surround yourself with people who know your sector, learn from them and never stop training.

Simplify and rely on technology. Facing changes is much easier when you are agile, do not want to do everything, simplify, do what you know and try to rely on tools that automate processes and increase quality.



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