Types of sporting events you can sponsor

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Sports events - the format that brands seek to connect with their audience.

Nowadays, sponsorships are just one part of the many different types of sporting events that exist. Amateur tournaments, professional circuits, small and sporadic events, or long-term competitions ... any sporting event is likely to be sponsored by a company, brand, association or public entity.

But, what sponsors should I look for in my sporting event?How can I make my proposal attractive and get sponsorship? The answer is "it depends on the objective that your potential sponsor looks for". Experts in the field say that more than half of all event organizers have serious difficulties in obtaining sponsorships. One of the main reasons is usually related to the lack of personalization in the service. This translates into a non-existent connection between the sponsor and the format of the event. Many times, this is reduced to a lack of understanding between sponsor and organizer, who is not able to correctly convey the objective of the event.

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Therefore, one of the most important parts when it comes to attracting sponsors is to make them see the connection they have with the target audience of the event. Let's see what types of sporting events you can offer a sponsor based on your goals.

Five types of sporting events that you can start organising


Massive sporting events, with high participation that recieve media attention. These are sport formats of normal physical exertion, that anyone who practices sport on a regular basis can participate in. These formats are known, but at the same time they are very widespread, which reflects a high competition between sporting event companies.

These will be an ideal type of sporting event to be sponsored by large companies or brands seeking publicity. The characteristics of these events facilitate scope (reaching many people), as well as a broad brand positioning (brand recall). In addition, there are interesting variations at the format level depending on the audience and the chosen theme, for example:

  • Festival / color race.
  • Race with pets.
  • Race against cancer


Sports events with segmented participation, usually high. These are sports activities practiced at a semi-professional level, with a minimum required physical condition. The participants, at this level, are willing to travel long distances to participate and value the competitive factor.

It can be the object of sponsorship for a brand that seeks a very specific positioning. The participants of these sports have very segmented habits and interests, easily identifiable by said brands. These will seek to position a product or service that meets a very specific need. When looking for a durable and easily remembered position, sponsors will be happy to offer you a circuit of several events connected to each other over time; for example this could be rankings, leagues or a simple racing circuit.


Sports events of medium participation are especially focused on groups, such as children. It is characterized by its simplicity when it comes to attracting participants, given that it is possible to contact these groups directly. A good example of these would be a tournament , or a league of schools.

These are types of sporting events that we will present sponsors who want to approach a specific group (segmented public) and work on their knowledge and memory of the brand.


Events with a controlled number of participants, with whom it will be easy to connect effectively. Some formats, such as paddle tennis tournaments, allow you to collaborate and perform brand activations involving participants without explicitly interrupting the event.

The objective of a brand, by sponsoring this format, will be to obtain qualitative results. Possibly, you can offer an activation during the event in which the participants can try a product. In a complementary way, you can offer the production of qualitative content (testimonies and interviews to potential clients). For this case, the ideal scenario is an express tournament or a masterclass, where it is easy to connect with the public in a close manner.


In this sense, the context of the event is the key influence. On the one hand, it takes advantage of a special occasion, date or location with which the user feels identified. On the other hand, the event is given a theme related to the above. Therefore, the user is impacted within his comfort zone, with sensations that he already knows, thus connecting in a more implicit and organic way with him.

These are types of sporting events suitable for sponsors who want to promote a specific product or location, such as opening a new physical store, or generating brand memories. On the other hand, the brand will be given great benefits at the content level (both its own and that produced by the participants).