We start the season by opening a delegation in Barcelona Center!

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We opened a Delegation in Barcelona Center with Eduard Benlliure. Unbeatable news to start the 2019-20 season.

A new season was about to begin; full of new developments and hard work. With an exciting 2019 Kickoff , in which Sportmadness franchisees met in Madrid to team up and align with the brand's strategy, we started this promising 2018-2019 season. In addition, this event was an emotional moment of reunions and new faces.

And with this positive atmosphere we were able to present our great post-kickoff news: we have opened a delegation in Barcelona Center which will be led by the sports entrepreneur Eduard Benlliure.

Emprendedor Eduard Benlliure

This great news carries an important challenge for both Sportmadness and Eduard himself. For the brand, it is a pivotal moment expanding in a location as important as the downtown area of ​​Barcelona. This area has some of the highest demand for sports services throughout Spain given its high demographic concentration. This, together with the large amount of private entities and the culmination of the ambitious Strategic Sports Plan 2012-2020 by the Barcelona's town hall, give this delegation a promise of success.

In turn, Eduard Benlliure will face a new challenge in his entrepreneurial life, managing a delegation focused on 3 main business lines:

  • Sports events and competitions, putting special focus on the strong private sector established in Barcelona.
  • Sports academies and school sports, benefited by a great number of families and sports clubs in the area, who facilitate this type of project.
  • Development Camps, complementing the rest of the services on a seasonal basis.

"I've been linked to sports for a long time, but I've never taken a leap as important as today. I have always had certain brakes in my professional life that have prevented me from dedicating myself to what I really love. As soon as I saw this project, it became clear to me that This is my future, and it depends solely on me.

When analyzing the viability of a delegation in Barcelona, ​​I saw many opportunities to make a contribution in this sector and grow as a sports manager. I look forward to starting as soon as possible."

Eduard Benlliure

A change of life: from the private sector to start your own business.

Eduard Benlliure Sportmadness

Eduard Benlliure combines extensive training in management of newly created companies and employees with his own entrepreneurial experience in sports. After several professional experiences in important multinational firms, he decided to start his own sports health services startup while making progress in the private sector. This adventure that would last more than 3 years until he was introduced to the Sportmadness model.

It was at that moment when Eduard decided to bet on joining an entrepreneurial project in which he would obtain 3 large blocks of value: a strong brand which is consolidated in the market, a «the know-howin sports management necessary to start with confidence and a community of sports managers with dozens of success stories. All this, sustained by our technology, a fundamental factor to efficiently manage the business.

Congratulations to Eduard and we hope that the success of the Barcelona Centre Delegation will soon be added to this community of sports managers.

Eduard Trabajando en deporte

"Eduard is just the kind of sports entrepreneur we've been looking for in Barcelona for a long time, and we've seen this profile succeed in many other cities; A person who is able to change his life to do what he really loves He has shown us his courage and commitment, and he is more than willing to contribute greatly in his new adventure with us. We are excited about Eduard's story and we are convinced that it will be a success story very soon."

José Miguel Alarcón

Expansion director at Sportmadness