Which job opportunities does a master in sport management have?

Sports management increasingly represents a job opportunity for many sports lovers who see how they can unite their profession with their passion.

One of the best options to have a first contact with the world of sports management is to study a master's degree in sports management. This option is chosen every year by thousands of people who seek to learn about the operation of the sports industry. Far from what many think, studying a master in sports management is not reserved for athletes or people graduated from sports degrees, but rather it is the option chosen by thousands of people from the world of business, marketing or about the sales.

In addition, it is the option chosen by many people who seek to turn their profession around or simply people who have decided to bring their passion closer to their profession. The job opportunities after studying a master's degree in sports management are many.

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“There are sexy businesses and others not so sexy. For us, sport is the sexiest of all ”

We have met hundreds of people who were looking for the best job opportunities after studying a master's degree in sports management, but not all options are always taken into account to go on the market after studying the master's degree.

The best professional opportunities

after studying a master in sports management are:



It is always our first choice. The sports sector needs new proposals. After the pandemic, sports practice has multiplied and with it the search for new experiences. You also have the option of starting a franchise that guides you throughout the process. We have opened 32 franchises in 5 countries with the help of different entrepreneurs. If you are interested in knowing the model, DOWNLOAD THE DOSSIER.


Management of amateur sports clubs

The management of most amateur sports clubs still needs to professionalize. Running a club requires knowledge of strategy, marketing, human resources and technology. A great challenge faced by many clubs that require the incorporation of qualified profiles to optimize their management.

Sports events organization

Despite the fact that there are many proposals on the market, due to the increase in sports practice by the population, new and increasingly differential proposals continue to be added. Many event planning companies are diversifying into more sports because they already have production teams and still need sports managers to grow and make money from sporting events.

Marketing departments of sports equipment companies

Brands such as Nike or Adidas invest huge amounts of their budgets in bringing new collections of products to athletes every year. These functions are performed by marketing professionals specialized in the sports sector who manage advertising teams, creatives, media, analysts and many other aspects.


Sports strategic consulting

Although this is not so common, the growth of the sector and the attempt to professionalize it makes more and more private companies, clubs and complexes seek support to optimize and implement management tools that help them be more profitable by offering a better experience .

Teaching sports subjects

Although to be able to offer quality teaching you need to have been in the sector for many years or to master a subject a lot, having a master's degree in sports management can open the doors to meet people and offer training services. You can also work in education companies that cover sports subjects.

Public administration and federations

Within the public administration there are also sports management positions. Although it is true that more and more people tend to outsource these services and launch public tenders for private companies to manage these types of services, you have that option.

Don't you know where you can study your master's degree in sports management?

We leave you a list of the 10 most interesting sports management masters. Obviously the prices and the modalities changes considerably so you must be aware of what your objectives are before choosing.

➡️ MBA Sports Management | Unisport Management School

➡️ Master in Management and Organization of Sports Events | Unisport Management School

➡️ University Master's Degree in Management of Sports Entities | Real Madrid University School

➡️ Master in International Management of Sports Organizations - ESBS and Centro de Formación Valencia C.F.

➡️ Master in Sports Management | ESEI International Business School

➡️ Master in Management and Administration of Sports Marketing Companies | IMF Business School

➡️ Master in Organization, Management and Administration of Sports Entities | Polytechnic University of Valencia

➡️ Master in Direction and Management of Sports Entities | UCAM

➡️ Master in Sports Management | Johan Cruyff Institute

➡️ Triple Master in Management Strategies, Planning and Management of Sports Entities | Stellae Campus European Institute

Training is important and in many cases it is the best way to enter the world of sports management but it is true that at Sportmadness we are lovers of practice and we believe that the perfect way to complement all these professional opportunities in sports management is LIVING from within your own sports venture.

Do you want to make a living through sports?

At Sportmadness we offer this possibility by opening your own sports management franchise. We will guide you from minute one to take the first steps in your business, we will provide you with the experience and all our strength in marketing to sell services and finally, we will give you all the technological tools to manage and scale your business.

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