What does Sportmadness give me?

Sportmadness provides you with everything you need to create and manage your own sports management business


A recognized and well positioned brand in the sector in addition to all the marketing strategies to help you generate business.


You will learn how to carry out all services and when to sell them, with examples and support to make it simple.


You will have access to the best tools to be more productive in your daily life and manage all your sports services

How do we help you in your day to day?

Together from the first moment to help you in everything you need.

liz gamechanger
  • Initial action plan to ensure a good launch..
  • Weekly reviews to know the evolution of the business and support you wherever you need.
  • Bi-weekly newsletter with all the news and advances of Sportmadness.
  • Support tool available at any time.
  • Monthly (digital) meeting with all the franchisees.
  • Annual (physical) meeting in our Kickoff together with the rest of the franchisees.
Sportmadness Sports entrepreneur David Arroyo

"From the beginning I felt that Sportmadness was an active community of sports entrepreneurs. It was an important support in my decision, and now that I am a franchisee, I have been able to experience it closely with all the tools that we have at our disposal"

David Arroyo - Sportmadness Madrid NW