Carolina gota

Sportmadness Internship Program

Build your future with us

At Sportmadness we work each day to make people successful and we see in business and sports the very best combination to achieve it. We take internships seriously. Don't worry!! It does not mean that you are going to do boring stuff. It means that we mainly hire people that had been interns. We will look at you as a teammate from the first day and we will invest time, energy and knowledge in you. Today, almost every member of the Sportmadness HQ team have been an intern before and we are going to keep this policy for the next years.


We look for talent in the

best universities and

business schools

around the world

If you are a Sports Management related university or business school and want to partner with us and let your students join our Internship Program please feel free to contact us.
Chris gota

The Sportmadness intership was a unique experience

«where I had the opportunity to work in the Marketing department and learn how to build the go to market for new countries

Christian, Germany

Marketing internship

What are we looking for?

Sports lover - You muuuust be an sport enthusiast to work at Sportmadness. We do not care if your sport is football, surf, cricket or running. The freakest the better.

Business oriented - We would love that you wake up thinking in the business and how to improve it and making an impact on it. Thenk you can check Instagram or have some cereals!

Elegible - We need you to have the possibility to establish an internship agreement with your university or business school. We will talk with them and do all the boring paperwork.

Excellent Writing and communications skills. We are all day talking and writing to people so it is extremely important to help them understand us as best as possible.

Commitment - As we invest a lot of time, energy and knowledge with you, we think we deserve a great commitment for your side. Let's build a great relationship for the long term.

English - We work in a global environment so in order to connect with all the stakeholders we have and with our team we need you to speak English with professional proficiency.

The best way to continue my studies

«Not only I learnt how to manage a sports services company but today it has become my profession.»

Alejandro, Spain

Success Intern currently working in our Madrid Sur franchise
Alejandro León

Open Interships

Business Development

Role’s objective: Help us growing our Community globally.

Responsabilities: Reporting to our Head of Marketing you will:

  • Build and implement lead generation campaigns.
  • Qualify candidates.
  • Present products and services to potential customers.
  • Generate new leads through searches and marketing hacks.
  • Optimize sales processes and results for the company.
  • Create interesting content pieces for our Community.

Product Management

Role’s objective: Help us building the best portfolio of sport services.

Responsabilities: Reporting to our Head of Operations and/or Product Manager you will:

  • Develop new products.
  • Create new business models.
  • Identify the best marketing channels to sell the products.
  • Implement the product within our Community.
  • Help our franchisees in the selling and execution of the products.


  • What position suits best your profile?